Key Principles


Through the Spark, we aim to establish the Bohemian Climate Cooperative

A Cooperative is an association of people working together to meet their common economic, socialand cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.


And this work is based on the principle of community wealth building

Community wealth building is an economic development approach that seeks to strengthen thelocal economy by focusing on locally-rooted ownership, place-based assets, and workingcollaboratively. It’s about creating a more just, vibrant and democratic economy by redirectingwealth back into the local community.


For climate justice.

Climate Change confronts us with our interdependence - unless everyone can access the solutions,we will collectively fail to avoid the worst impacts of this crisis. When engaging in measures toaddress climate change, we must also work to tackle social and economic inequality, in order forsolutions to be accessibly to everyone in our community.